Single Tube Tie 500mm with 2x14mm holes – SCB37

£21.30 (Excluding VAT)

Product Designation :
SCB37 Singles Tube Tie

Type :
Scaffold Bracket

Material :
Mild Steel

Finish :
Bright Zinc Plated (thickness 3~5 Microns)

Load Class (TG20) :
Light to Heavy Duty (substrate dependant)

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Technical Information
A “cast-off” or “t-off” bracket used for the construction of hand rails and/ or similar tube assemblies. Comprises of an extra thick, extra long, back plate drilled with twin 14.5 mm holes and a single tube 500mm long welded to its face. Normally used for Concrete and Masonry connections in conjunction with 12mm ADI “CS Bolts”. Can also be fixed with conventional nylon plug & coach screw, with threaded studs or sockets set in resin or with bars or bolts, nuts washers etc passed right through the structure. Designed with hole centres of 150mm to spread the load over three courses of brickwork or to align with mortar joints.

Load Capability
Please contact us for further information on Load Data (kN).

Horizontal Loads (bending moments)
Please contact us for further information on horizontal loads/bending moments (kN).

Quality Assurance
The brackets are batch tested and MPI inspected for ultimate performance. The weld strength has been tested in excess of 40kN.

NB – Recommended loads are limited by suitability of base material and structure.

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