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Super Cleaning Wipes

Suitable for both hands and tools, Swipex removes many types of contaminant, including sealants, adhesives, uncured PU foam, oils, paints and grease

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Reciprocating Saw Blades

Take a look at our new Shark and Power Curve blades, the only blade for all your cutting requirements.

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Wera 24pc Kit

This kit contains professional grade tools supporting 17 different screwdriving applications.

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The ADI Scaffold Catalogue

Our new catalogue is coming soon... with all of our scaffold brackets, fixings and technical information contained within.

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Scaffold Innovation.

ADI Scaffold Products has built a reputation throughout the UK for quality and outstanding service. Our range of brackets, ties and fixings have been designed to comply with the guidance of the CFA/NASC and TG4 anchorage systems for scaffolding.


Through working closely with Scaffolders, Designers and Engineers, we have developed products that allow connections to all types of substrate, giving maximum performance wherever you need to fix your scaffold.


Technical Advisory.

Further to our comprehensive range of products, we also offer advice and services to complement them. These are intended for engineers and designers, as well as for contractors and retailers. We provide a package of technical support related to all products we supply. Our extensive experience comes from working closely with our customers on demanding projects over many years.

Technical Data

All of our products are batch tested with full traceability and accompanying technical data sheets.

Technical Support

We offer full technical support with all of our products, along with expert technical advice in regards to optimal performance.

Preliminary Testing

Tests are performed on anchors before the scaffolding is erected at a site. This is required when tying into masonry or other base materials where the anchor manufacturer cannot provide characteristic load data.

Proof Testing

On all jobs, proof tests of scaffold ties are required. Proof tests are not designed to a check the manufacturer’s load test data, but to check that the anchors have been installed correctly.

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Our Accreditations.

CFA Approved Distributor
CFA Approved Tester